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replacedTxHash string In case of an RBF transaction, the hash of the dropped transaction externalTxId string Unique transaction ID provided by the user destinations Array of DestinationsResponse For UTXO based assets, all outputs specified here blockInfo BlockInfo The information of the block that this transaction was mined in, the blocks's hash and height rewardsInfo RewardsInfo This field is relevant only for ALGO transactions. Otherwise, the requested amount netAmount number The net amount of the transaction, after fee deduction amountUSD number The USD value of the requested amount serviceFee number The total fee deducted by the exchange from the actual requested amount (serviceFee = amount - netAmount) treatAsGrossAmount boolean For outgoing transactions, if true , the network fee is deducted from the requested amount networkFee number The fee paid to the network createdAt number Unix timestamp lastUpdated number Unix timestamp status TransactionStatus The current status of the transaction txHash string Blockchain hash of the transaction index number [optional] For UTXO based assets this is the vOut , for Ethereum based, btc this is the index of the event of the contract call subStatus TransactionSubStatus More detailed status of the transaction sourceAddress string For account based assets only, the source address of the transaction destinationAddress string Address where the asset were transfered destinationAddressDescription string Description of the address destinationTag string Destination tag for XRP, used as memo for EOS/XLM, or Bank Transfer Description for the fiat providers: Signet (by Signature), SEN (by Silvergate), or BLINC (by BCB Group) signedBy Array of strings Signers of the transaction createdBy string Initiator of the transaction rejectedBy string User ID of the user that rejected the transaction (in case it was rejected) addressType string [ ONE_TIME, WHITELISTED ] note string Custome note of the transaction exchangeTxId string If the transaction originated from an exchange, this is the exchange tx ID feeCurrency string The asset which was taken to pay the fee (ETH for ERC-20 tokens, BTC for Tether Omni) operation TransactionOperation Default operation is "TRANSFER" amlScreeningResult AmlScreeningResult The result of the AML screening customerRefId string The ID for AML providers to associate the owner of funds with transactions numOfConfirmations number The number of confirmations of the transaction. authorizationInfo AuthorizationInfo The information about your Transaction Authorization Policy (TAP). For more information about the TAP, refer to this section in the Help Center. networkRecords Array of NetworkRecord objects Transaction on the Fireblocks platform can aggregate several blockchain transactions, in such a case these records specify all the transactions that took place on the blockchain. The number will increase until the transaction will be considered completed according to the confirmation policy. Parameter Type Description id string ID of the transaction assetId string Transaction asset source TransferPeerPathResponse Source of the transaction destination TransferPeerPathResponse Destination of the transaction requestedAmount number The amount requested by the user amountInfo AmountInfo Details of the transaction's amount in string format feeInfo FeeInfo Details of the transaction's fee in string format amount number If the transfer is a withdrawal from an exchange, the actual amount that was requested to be transferred. Both srcRewrds and destRewards will appear only for Vault to Vault transactions, otherwise you will receive only the Fireblocks' side of the transaction. signedMessages Array of SignedMessage objects A list of signed messages returned for btc raw signing extraParameters JSON object Protocol / operation specific parameters.

In September of 2013, his agency ended its 5-year investigation into price manipulation at JP Morgan and declared there was no basis for action. David Meister served as Director of Enforcement at the CFTC from 2010 to 2013.

That quality serves owners well when exchanging into foreign currency, but it would be onerous for any economy operating with it as legal tender. With fixed supply, bitcoin’s deflationary bias should also be clear. Indeed Weimar Germany was unpleasant, but so was the Great Depression.

Alternatively it becomes a widely used substitute for the currencies we use now, a bit like using actual gold coins. It remains a niche currency that facilitates international payments and promotes privacy among other things. To further analyse the viability of Bitcoin it is useful to distinguish two cases.

imageIf you’re looking for a desktop wallet that is both intuitive and bitcoin jam-packed with features, Exodus is the way to go. This all-in-one solution offers support for a wide range of digital assets, allowing you to store everything in one place.

You can set up two-factor authentication and get access to your account with just a few clicks. The Coinbase wallet has an intuitive interface, making it easy to use from any device. The app also supports Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin—making it one of the most versatile mainstream crypto wallets out there.image

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